drink in the unexpected

Tea Infused Wine Unexpected? Perhaps.

The best things in life usually are.
Relax and enjoy the harmonious blend of fine wine infused with all the goodness of tea.

Steep'd White Wine Infused With Green Tea

A blend of premium Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier wine.

Infused with premium Green tea essence and just a hint of natural Peach.

Steep'd Red Wine
Infused With Rooibus Tea

A blend of premium Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot wine.

Infused with premium Rooibos Red tea essence, and just a hint of natural Pomegranate.

Wine and tea… the perfect marriage. Both decadent beverages offer RELAXATION – a calm oasis in a busy day. A PERSONAL REWARD – a thank you to yourself. DISCOVERY – new flavors from different places. A HEALTHIER OPTION – fabulous indulgence without guilt. Enjoy the aroma, nuances of flavors and slight tannin finish in a deliciously harmonious blend.

Steep'd Wine sources the best California grapes that deliver premium quality wine. Once perfectly aged, our winemakers steep naturally sourced tea leaves and slowly infuse the tea essence into the wines. The blend is then finished with a touch of natural peach or pomegranate to soften the added tannins from the tea, resulting in real, honest goodness in a glass.

The Steep'd Story

Where do new ideas come from? (hint – they are almost always right in front of you).

I've always found that ideas for new products are all around us. We just need to look at things in a new light, from a different perspective. Then we wonder how we never saw them before...

Steep'd Wine was "born" as a result of an accidental pour….I refilled my white wine glass and by mistake filled up a glass with some cold green tea in it. My first reaction was – "wait, that's not right", which quickly turned to "hey, that's not bad".

Would it really be such a crazy idea to think that people who loved tea and wine might like the two together?

I thought the IDEA sounded great, but knew that it would have to taste delicious – or what's the point?

The next month included too-many-to-count tea brewing and wine mixing experiments until we came up with the perfect balance; a nice glass of wine with a hint of tea in the nose and the flavor, and just a touch of peach or pomegranate to balance out the added tannins. Good wine, but better.

The rest of the Steep'd story involves a lot of help from a lot of really talented people – Rae Huestis who designed the label, Dr. Steve Talcott the "mad scientist" who found a way to naturally infuse the tea and fruit flavors into the wines, Mike Sipowicz the talented winemaker who was not afraid to try something completely different.

Thanks for joining us – the Steep'd Wine Team; Karen, Ken, Robby, John.

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Questions You Might Have

Where can I buy Steep'd Wines?
If you are a consumer and would like to know what stores near you carry the Steep'd Wines, please see our "Where to Buy" section for a list of stores, or contact us at If you are a store and would like to know how to order Steep'd, please contact us at the same email, And thank you!
Does Steep'd taste like wine or like tea?
We made this for wine drinkers who also love tea. Imagine a glass of red or white wine that you would love to drink, and add a hint of tea in the aroma and the flavor. Just a hint of the fruit in the finish. It's a real glass of wine…but enlightened.
What should I pair this wine with?
A comfortable couch? Some great friends? Honestly, this is a great glass of wine, made better and even more delicious. The flavors of tea for fruit will not overpower the foods you would normally drink with your favorite wine.
Are you using "real, natural" tea and how do you mix it into the wine?
This is really important for you to know, and you will taste it in the delicious wines as a result – we started with real, naturally sourced tea leaves and "steeped" them in filtered water as you would if you were making a cup of tea at home. We then extract the tea essence by steaming the tea and condensing the flavor and aroma. That essence is then infused into the barrels of wine by the winemaker in a harmonious blend. There are no artificial flavors, colors or additives added – just delicious goodness!
I've heard about Green tea, tell me more about Rooibos/Red tea
First of all, people "in the know" pronounce it Roy-bus.. (I had to look it up the first time too). It is often called Red Tea since it comes from the red bush plant in South Africa. When brewed as tea, it has a deep red color with a very distinctive sweet, nutty flavor. Rooibos is known for being high in antioxidants and naturally caffeine free.
Does the wine contain caffeine?
The white wine infused with green tea has a very, and I mean very small amount of caffeine, nothing to keep you up at night - literally. The Rooibos/Red tea in the red wine is naturally caffeine free.
Is the Peach and Pomegranate flavor natural?
YES, and this is important for your sipping pleasure….to be certified as "natural", the flavors and aromas are extracted from the actual fruit through the process of cold extraction – sounds very scientific, but think of it as aroma therapy versus food coloring. It smells and tastes like real peaches and pomegranates because it comes from real fruit, not chemicals. (a lot of flavors in wines and spirits come from chemicals).
Does Steep'd contain sulfites?
Yes it does, as does almost every wine you will drink. It occurs naturally in the yeast during fermentation and is also added to preserve wine. I thought it was interesting that dried fruits have about 10x the amount of sulfites as wines do.
Is the wine Gluten Free?
Yes, and luckily for you gluten-avoiders, so is almost every wine in the world.
Is Steep'd Vegan?
I suppose so, though we do not have an official certification. We do not use any animal by-products such as gelatin, egg whites etc.
Is Steep'd Organic?
I am afraid not.
Is Steep'd Kosher?
No again, but oddly, the natural peach and pomegranate flavors are...
What is the alcohol percentage?
10%. Just enough, and not too much.
Will drinking tea infused wine make you more beautiful and successful?
Absolutely. It also helps you pick winning lottery tickets.